The ‘no added preservatives’ lie, proudly brought to you by Woolies

As much as I love Woolies, I get really pissed off when they blatantly lie to us.


Lactic acid:

Lactic acid is used as a food preservative, curing agent, and flavoring agent. It is an ingredient in processed foods and is used as a decontaminant during meat processing. Lactic acid is produced commercially by fermentation of carbohydrates such as glucose, sucrose, or lactose, or by chemical synthesis.

Ref: Wikipedia

In my opinion we should be able to go shopping at places like Woolies with absolute peace of mind.

On their website they say: “We make sure our packaging tells you everything you need to know about what you’re eating…

You can’t put a big ‘no added preservatives’ sticker on the front of your bottle and then include ‘lactic acid’ as an ingredient on the back.

How can you expect us to believe that these carrots are even organic after doing such a thing? Shocking Woolies.

A healthier alternative:

Buy your own juicer and make your own juice. Yes, it’s a pricey investment, but it’s nothing compared to the doctors bills you’ll be avoiding by looking after the health of yourself and your family.

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