New ‘low-carb high-fat’ magazine hits SA’s shelves

Can you remember the last dinner party you attended where the subject of the ‘Tim Noakes’ diet or banting didn’t come up? Of course not – it’s what everybody’s talking about.

No matter what you call it – the ’Tim Noakes’ diet, Banting, LCHF (Low carb, high fat), it’s a revolution, and it’s gaining momentum all the time. LOSE IT!, a new magazine launched this month (April 2014), is at the vanguard of that revolution. Headed up by experienced editor Suzy Brokensha, the bang on-trend quarterly is produced by Media giant Media24.


‘There’s no doubt that there’s a complete shift underway in the way we eat,’ says Brokensha. ‘Countries worldwide are starting to change the way they look at the food pyramid we all learnt in school, and not a moment too soon! LOSE IT! is at the cutting edge of that shift. It’s got loads of expert input from, among others, Professor Tim Noakes and nutritional therapist Sally-Ann Creed – who has been working with this diet and seeing incredible results for decades already.’

LOSE IT! gives the reader everything they need to know to start banting immediately, from detailed food lists of what you can and can’t eat to inspiring success stories, expert advice and tips and over 60 nutritionist-approved recipes that will delight the fussiest foodies – as well as the science behind the theory.

This 84-page glossy fills a unique gap in the market, says Brokensha, because it’s about much more than the weight-loss – although the weight-loss results are extraordinary.

‘It’s a revolutionary way of eating and thinking about food,’ she says. ‘Banting is part of a worldwide realisation that sugar and other carbohydrates compromise our health far more than fat, which has been demonised for years. We need to change the way people think about what they eat, and we’re committed to doing just that.’

‘LOSE IT! is more than just a magazine – it’s about giving people who have given up hope of ever feeling healthy or slim their lives back.

‘It has all the tools and expert advice that you could possibly need, and it’s very inspiring. It will put you on a course that will change your life,’ says Brokensha. ‘For anyone who wants to lose weight, up their energy levels and reduce their chances of type 2diabetes among other conditions, LOSE IT! is the answer.’

Professor Tim Noakes (exercise scientist), Sally-Ann Creed (nutritional therapist), Jobst Olschewski (CrossFit trainer) and Justine Kiggen (FAIRLADY food editor and recipe developer) are just some of the experts providing advice in LOSE IT!.

LOSE IT! launches on Monday, 7 April 2014, and will be on sale quarterly (volume 2 on 30 June, volume 3 on 15 September, and volume 4 on 29 December). The title retails for R49 and is also available digitally at

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