Low fat VS high fat: Which one wins the war?

By far the toughest thing for any of us to get our heads around is that anything with the label low-fat = marketing.

This is the number one question I get with regards to the primal way of eating so I thought I’d do a post on it today to help you understand why high-fat and full cream is the way forward.

How can low-fat make you fat when there is no fat?

Well that’s the thing – fat doesn’t make you fat. Just like eating foods that are high in cholesterol doesn’t give you high cholesterol – but that’s another story for another day…

low-fatIt all starts with the way they make low-fat products. When the fat is removed, it needs to be replaced to make it palatable, so they replace it with ingredients like dried skim milk powder or un-saturated vegetable oils.

Manufacturers also neglect to tell you that they have to increase the amount of sugar in their “low-fat” products so that they still taste good. (It’s those original fats that made them tasty to begin with!)

So what happens is that all these low-fat products actually become extremely high in carbs after all the processing and they have a very similar calorie count to the original product. Except now, they’re unhealthier and helping you put on more weight. When your body isn’t getting enough healthy fats, it goes into starvation mode because your body thinks it’s starving. This in turn slows down your metabolic rate which encourages the conversion of glucose into fat – which means… love handles and cellulite baby.

Now you get good carbs (which are found in fruits and veggies) and you get bad carbs, and these low-fat products are full of the bad carbs that spike your blood sugar and cause you to become hungry again in a very short space of time.

Full cream dairy on the other hand contains saturated fats – which are the healthy fats – the fats we have been warned about all our lives. The fats that we in fact need to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. So if you are eating and drinking low-fat dairy products, it doesn’t matter how many vitamin supplements you are taking or how much healthy fruit and veggies you are eating, those essential vitamins will not be absorbed. It’s a scary cycle!

“But I have thin friends who consume low-fat products and they aren’t getting fatter by the day.”

Well good for them. But chances are that if they continue to consume these low-fat vitamin blocking foods they will eventually suffer from 1 or more of the degenerative diseases caused by vitamin deficiencies. So it’s not just about getting sexy, strong and lean, it’s also a major health concern, especially for women. There was a study done in 2007 proving that consuming low fat dairy actually raises our risk of infertility. Awful that the media neglects to inform us of these possibly life changing side effects.

You cannot eat high-fat and full cream products – combined with a diet of sugar, grains and wheat and expect to lose weight

This is the one thing most newbie primal’s get wrong. This is not a matter of just changing from eating low-fat to high-fat and full cream. This is a major lifestyle change.

High-fat low-carb means just that. No sugar, no wheat, no grains. You’ll be surprised at just how little that leaves on your supermarket shelves…

But it’s not as bad as you think.

I for one am a huge lover of food. If it doesn’t taste good, then I’d rather eat something else and be chubby. And trust me, my primal meals are always delicious – I’ve just learnt to live without all the processed crap that I used to eat and I’ve learnt where to shop and how to cook clean.

It’s definitely a learning process, but one that I encourage you to invest in. There are so many free resources out there to help you get started, including my free guide to Primal living which you can sign up for below.

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