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How do you feel about:

Your career? Your health? Your relationships?
How do you feel about YOUR LIFE?

The modern way of living and doing has unfortunately got most of us stuck on auto pilot.

If we want to grab a hold of that life we’re constantly day dreaming about, we need to approach it with a more holistic view and pay attention to how we actually want to feel on a day-to-day basis.

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My story.

It all used to make sense to me. Until it didn’t.
The job.
The clients.
The money.
Waking up every day and sitting in front of my computer.

For my last 2 years as a web designer I started questioning my purpose, and my clients.
“What do you hope to gain from your business besides money?”
80% of them responded with a blank stare.
“Why do you get out of bed in the morning and do what you do? What’s your message, your purpose?”

I could just tell what they were thinking. Another Cape Town hippy. I suppose the dreadlocks I had at the time should’ve been their first clue.
But then there were the others. Their faces would light up.
They’d start talking and wouldn’t stop.

I started to realize that there are 2 types of people in this world:

Those who live their lives by accident, and those who live their lives on purpose.

On Purpose People are constantly growing, changing, inspiring and questioning. They have clarity and purpose. They refuse to settle for average, which means they’re naturally more abundant in happiness, money and love.

By Accident People are those who are functioning on auto-pilot. They ‘do the right thing’, meet expectations, go the extra mile even when it makes them absolutely miserable to do it. They settle. They accept. They listen, but never question. Mostly, they’re sad, depressed, angry, unhealthy, tired, demotivated and wondering why life has handed them such a crappy hand of cards.

On Purpose People have:

  • Clarity – they know exactly what they want in life
  • Happiness – happy hormones create energetic, motivated, not-afraid-to-go-for-their dreams kinda people
  • Self respect – they have clear personal boundaries but they’re still open to saying yes when it feels right
  • Honesty – about who they are and what they stand for
  • Love – for themselves, their people and the world they live in
  • Health – So they can live their lives to the fullest
  • Money – So they can buy nice stuff, give more gifts, travel a lot and have a charity

It stands to reason that this world needs more ‘On Purpose People’.

So after years of living on auto-pilot, I decided to become an on purpose woman.

I wanted more for me. And I wanted more for my clients, my friends, my family, my people.

I wanted to create more time for me, meet and work with more like-minded people, get healthy, start a family, create a business encompassing all my passions, change the world in a nutshell really. (I’ve been told I’m a dreamer…)

And so in late 2013, Red Wine & Vanilla Chai was born. Named after my 2 favourite drinks as a reminder to myself that savouring the little luxuries in life is a way to make space for the bigger ones that are still to come.

I believe that you have the potential within you to design your dream life and it would be my pleasure to help you light that fire.

Weekly love notes
Subscribe to my blog for weekly-ish love notes on how to live a simple, sexy, informed life: